Stretch your dollar: Reading the fine print

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HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Over the Thanksgiving weekend, spending averaged about $300 per person. That’s down from last year. Chances are, you are still looking to score a great deal, but there could be a catch.

Before you continue shopping this weekend, News 8 is helping you stretch your dollar so you get what you think you’re paying for.

Retailers are competing for your business, dropping their prices lower but we’ve got your back with questions you should be asking before you hand over your money. Holiday shopping is in full swing and stores are only getting busier, but as you scramble to find that special gift, at a good price, pay close attention to what’s contributing to that smaller price tag.

“Most people don’t get scammed this time of year, they just think they’re getting a better deal than they really are,” said State Consumer Protection Commissioner Jonathan Harris.

Harris says Connecticut shoppers need to read the fine print on everything. Warranties, for example, are great for those big-ticket items like TVs but ask questions about it first so you aren’t left unprotected.

“You want to know who’s holding your warranty. Sometimes people will think, it’s simple, I have a warranty. I can just go right back to the store and the store will honor my warranty, when it’s actually a manufacturer warranty which could take shipping and more time,” said Harris.

Also, you may find lower prices thanks to a rebate. Keep in mind, some rebates have strict deadlines, you want to make sure you know the stipulations. Don’t leave the checkout line until you know what documentation you’d need for returns or exchanges.

Here’s another tip: If you’re looking to ship gifts, now’s a good time to find out what the deadlines are so they make it to your loved ones on time at a price you can afford.

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