Report: Florida woman arrested after beating husband for passing gas in bed


PORT ST. LUCIE (KRON) — A woman in Florida has been arrested for beating her husband after he passed gas in bed, according to the New York Daily News.

Police said 55-year-old Dawn Meikle kicked and scratched her husband, Donald, while in bed inside their Port. St. Lucie home.

She is facing misdemeanor battery charges for the incident that happened on Dec. 11.

This happened in the middle of the night, according to police. Meikle eventually kicked out Donald, a police report said.

“Dawn stated she asked Donald several times to stop passing gas in their bed,” the police report said.

Police said Donald suffered 5-to-6 inch scratches on his chest, and his shirt was ripped.

Meikle suffered a split lip while Donald was restraining her.

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