Stamford police need help identifying suspects after shooting caught on camera

STAMFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Stamford police are asking for help identifying three people caught on camera in an early morning shooting.

Stamford police say they received surveillance video that shows a shooting that took place at 20 Spruce Street early Sunday morning:

In the video, a Nissan Altima is seen driving through the complex with its passenger side door open. The car continues driving with the door open until it hits a parked car, forcing it shut, and setting off the parked car’s alarm. A black or Hispanic male then walks into view, followed by a female who points in his direction. The female then walk out of view of the camera.

The shooter, who was wearing a hooded sweatshirt, walks into view and starts talking to the other male who points him in one direction, then turns and runs the other way.

The shooter comes back into camera view, this time with a gun drawn. He fires at least one shot, runs away, comes back, fires at least two more shots, and runs out of view.

No one was hit except a vehicle and the side of the building, but police say they believe the shooter had an intended victim.

Anyone with information on this shooting, or who recognizes any of these three persons of interest is asked to call the Stamford Police Department at (203)977-4417. Tips may be anonymous.

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