New Haven parents arrested after child ingests PCP

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – The parents of an infant are under arrest after he ingested PCP.

Just prior to 1:00 Tuesday afternoon, the mother, whose name was not released, called 9-1-1 after her 18-month-old baby boy ate a cigarette that was laced with the drug PCP. EMT’s rushed the infant to the pediatric emergency department at Yale-New Haven Hospital. New Haven Police tell News 8 that the infant is currently in stable condition. Officers say that he is conscious, and able to breathe on his own.

According to officers at the Brookside/ West Hills apartment, the parents noticed the baby acting oddly, as if he was high. The child was soon unconscious, but was breathing on his own, and had a pulse.

The father of the infant admitted that the PCP laced cigarette was his. Both the mother, 27, and the father, 28, were arrested and charged with risk of injury to a minor. The father was also charged with possession of narcotics.

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