Bridgeport police need help identifying 2 suspects in attempted burglary

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (WTNH) — Bridgeport police are asking for helping identifying two suspects seen on video trying to break into a home.

Police sent out a video, which shows three males trying to break into a home at 522 Brooks Street in Bridgeport. The date on the video says it is from January 17.

The video shows the front porch of the house, where the three males are seen walking by on the sidewalk. Several minutes later, the video cuts to what looks to be the backyard, and all three suspects walking around. The suspects spend nearly five minutes checking windows and doors, trying to find a way into the home before walking away.

VIDEO provided by the Bridgeport Police Department:

The third suspect in the video, the one wearing the red jacket and red shoes, has already been arrested and charged with the crime, police say. He is a student at Harding High School and police say he lives in the area.

Police say that the home has already been targeted by who they believe to be the same suspects. A gun was stolen from the residence.

If you recognize these suspects or have any information, police are asking you to call them at (203)581-5241.

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