QU Students primed as first time Presidential voters

Quinnipiac University (WTNH)

HAMDEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Conversation is lively inside one Quinnipiac University lecture hall.

“Here’s what you should be watching for at the democratic debate tonight,” echoed across the classroom of Professor Khalilah L. Brown-Dean, Ph.D.

Ahead of Thursday’s democratic debate, issues of race and relations top the talking points for her students to listen for.

The curriculum is being shaped by the heated presidential race and the issues defining and dividing the candidates.

It’s a unique opportunity for learning.

“It’s a fascinating time, to see what young people care about and that they are not really represented in American politics. Something as basic as asking them, what are you and your friends talking about,”? said Brown-Dean.

Many of the students will be voting for the first time, tested in more than one way, passing a class and casting a vote that will plot our nation’s direction.

Brown-Dean has noticed her students are looking to do more than just vote, many are becoming proactive in the political process.

Students like Tim Quinn just came back from the New Hampshire primary.

“We saw all the people flocking to the polling stations, it was really energetic,” said Quinn.

Julia Perkins was able to vote in the last election.

At 22-years-old, the issues important to her are shared by many other students across the country.

‘I think that student loan debt and paying for college is one of the issues that is on the mind of most college students since that’s what we are dealing with right now,” said Perkins.

For Timothy Quinn, the increase in mass shootings across the country moves him to look for a candidate with a firm stance on gun control.

Issues that candidates will tackle as debates and primaries play out,

Living history.

As class wraps, Brown-Dean summed up the consistent theme which spans all generations.

“So that idea of how much government we want, what government to do want. We talked about the founding of this nation and it’s still front and center in every major issue we are battling today.”

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