Political opinions strong like the coffee at local diner

Photo: Shutterstock

EAST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Thus far, it’s been a political election season unlike any other.

It’s provided polarizing debate between the Presidential candidates and political pundits.

The conversation has also been lively inside local Connecticut diners.

“You know what’s good is the chicken salad, which I don’t normally eat chicken.”

Banter inside the Twin Pines Diner in East Haven isn’t usually all about politics.

Coming off the heels of a Super Tuesday shellacking by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, opinions are served faster than pie on a plate.

“I’m not going to vote for president. I’m not going to vote for President because my vote doesn’t matter in Connecticut because of the electorate college – I can vote for the Democrat the Republican will win – I can vote for the Republican the Democrat will win, my vote doesn’t count,” said customer Steve Cudgma.

The Presidential election is stirring up many emotions, including frustration – especially for Jodi Mauger.

“Nobody is happy, nobody is happening with the way things are going – too much mudslinging and what I want to know is what happened to united we stand – divided we fall?”

Just a few tables away, lunch is shared but political positions most definitely are not.

Robin Gingaro says she is anti-Donald Trump.

“He won’t make it, he will not make it Hillary will win.”

Across the table, a much different take from friend John Savino.

“God forbid, had I known this – that she was for Hillary I wouldn’t have even started this conversation – I want Donald trump or Ted Cruz to win. I cannot stand the idea of Hillary Clinton or Bill Clinton back in the White House,” said Savino.

All have different takes on issues important to them.

Jobs, overcoming racism in America, education.

There is one thing they can all agree on, where the country will be five years from now.

“I’m afraid, I hope things turn around – you know I wanna retire someday,” said Steve Cudgma.