Eagles settling in across the state – including New Haven

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Believe it or not, tracking eagles in Connecticut starts in the computer.

Brian Hess oversees the entire population in the state for the Department of Energy and Environmental protection. It’s a lot of ground to cover.

“I’ve got and army of volunteers across the state so I’ve got emails coming in from across the state of what’s going on,” said Hess.

Pictures come in from all around, it’s the busy season. Adults are coming back to their nests.

“Now we’ve got 50 nests around the state,” said Hess.

Most are tucked away in wooded areas, but not a certain two.

“They’ve also been investigating over here the right field light tower at Yale,” said Hess.

City living bald eagles.

“The challenge is to make sure they safe in this urban environment. One of the biggest threats is human disturbance,” said Hess.

The eagles are heading back and forth between Yale and a large nest on Ella T. Grasso Boulevard.

“It’s possible they are taking sticks from here and moving them over here,” said Hess.

A fence has now been put up to keep onlookers a safe distance away.

No eggs spotted yet, but as the population grows, so does the magic surrounding eagles.

“Clearly they have a place in our nation’s past and our history.

“Eagles capture people’s imagination, and they connect people with wildlife,” said Hess.

Here are some tips for viewing bald eagles:

  • Eagles and their kin have the sharpest eyes in the animal kingdom, so if you can see them, they can certainly see you.  If they act alerted to your presence, you are probably too close.
  • Don’t feed bald eagles. Offering food has many unintended negative consequences and is illegal.
  • Be patient. Eagles like to loaf around and spend much of their time resting, so getting that perfect action shot may take some time.
  • Enjoy it, and consider that until recently, seeing these birds was truly a rare occasion.