Inside security measures at West Haven High

File Photo of West Haven High School

WEST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Fights breaking out in the hallway at West Haven High were posted on social media. The school security team says they have responded to several altercations within the last two weeks.

“We had a verbal altercation yesterday that was addressed very quickly,” said West Haven High School Principal Pamela B. Gardner.

Viral video surfaced this week on Facebook of two girls in a fight.

“That’s a little scary. I don’t want my kids anywhere near that so that’s a little bit scary,” said Lynne Mossman.

“In the past two week period we’ve had a number of verbal altercations and yelling incidents that we have worked very hard to combat,” said Gardner.

“Typically there’s a lot of female fights and we have a staff strategically placed throughout the building so we can have a timely response,” said Director of Security for West Haven High School, Mike Ebron.

There are two resource officers assigned to West Haven High School plus a security team of eight. The security team has military and law enforcement backgrounds.

“A lot of the situations that we dealt with previously are very similar so the training carries over. It’s a smooth transition easy to handle these situations,” said Ebron.

“They know how to restrain a student without injuring them. They know how to really make sure that kids and staff know we are here to protect them, but we are also here for the safety of students,” said Gardner.

Gardner says social media can also fuel altercations.

“The advent of social media, the ability to post things, the ability to take a picture of it and have it keep coming back up has really led to more incidents,” said Gardner.

Jen Trupp went to West Haven High School. Now her daughter goes there. She say times have changed and so has the need more security.

“There is a lot more security than when we went. So I do feel that it’s much safer,” said Trupp.

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