North Carolina man arrested for threatening to kill Sen. Blumenthal

Rowland Edwin Dodge Jr. (Photo provided by the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office)

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — A North Carolina man has been arrested after he allegedly called Senator Richard Blumenthal’s office and threatened to kill him.

According to United States District Court documents, at 12:10 p.m. on March 9, 62-year-old Rowland Edwin Dodge, Jr. of North Carolina called Sen. Blumenthal’s office in Hartford. The documents say an intern answered the phone, the man asked to speak with the Senator, and the intern told him that the Senator was not available.

The documents state that the man then said to the intern,

“Tell Senator Blumenthal that if he raises my taxes one cent, just one penny, that I will kill that motherf***er. I will shoot his motherf***ing brains out.”

The intern asked the caller for his name and zip code, but he hung up before answering. The intern documented the call and reported the incident to the U.S. Capitol Police. Police got the phone records for Blumenthal’s office and found that the number that called the office at 12:10 p.m. is registered to Dodge in Matthews, North Carolina.

On March 10, FBI Special Agents went to North Carolina to interview Dodge where he confirmed his phone number. Officials say that then they asked Dodge if he called Sen. Blumenthal’s office on March 9, he replied, “From Connecticut?” Officials say neither agent had said anything about Connecticut. Dodge replied by saying he watches C-SPAN regularly and knows who the Senators are from every state. The agents asked Dodge again if he made the call to Blumenthal’s office and Dodge said that he could not remember.

The documents state that through probable cause, officials applied for an arrest warrant for Dodge for threatening a Federal official.

News 8 reached out to Blumenthal’s office, but they said they have “no comment” at this time.

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