PEZ Passion thrives in Orange

ORANGE, Conn. (WTNH) — Tucked away in Orange, Connecticut…every kids dream.

The PEZ headquarters has been been producing its iconic candy and dispensers for decades.

It all begins with tanker trucks full of sugar.

‘We’ll receive 50 thousand pounds of sugar every four days,” said Pat Early.

After the mixing process each machine applies three thousand pounds of pressure to press each PEZ tablet.

Twelve million tablet candies made every single day, and thats just the candy.

Connecticut employees put all the PEZ pieces together, with around 85 unionized employees and 125 total.

The PEZ heads and dispensers give the candy its character.

Darth Vader, R2-D2, Yoda..anything Star Wars is a big seller right now.

“Cant keep em on the shelf here, as soon as I get em they are gone, its crazy how popular that is right now,” said Shawn Peterson.

Some fans buy every single product that comes out.

“People don’t realize right here in Orange, Connecticut  this is the home of pez, everything bought and sold in the U.S and Canada came from this building,” said Peterson.

Peterson has a passion for PEZ, many of the pieces in the PEZ museum and visitor center were his.

“We started it as a collection – its just great to give a retrospective of everything the company has done over the years – when you see it all in one place, what was going on at the time and who was popular,” said Peterson.

Pop culture memory lane, with new memories still….being made ever day.

“It’s whimsical, the kids just love the different kinds of dispensers that they have,” said a passerby mom told News 8.

On March 26th, there will be an Easter Egg hunt held at the PEZ headquarters in Orange.

Children up to age 12 are welcome to bring an Easter basket and participate in the fun.