TSA finds at Bradley strange and scary, keep agents busy

WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WTNH) — Passing through security at the airport can require patience.

For TSA agents tasked with tracking anything that could take down a plane, challenges can be great.

A table full of finds from TSA at Bradley International airport provides proof of some frightening, and head scratching discoveries.

Passengers packing items like grenade shaped cologne bottles. Pulling it out while in flight would cause mayhem. As would a gun replica, that is actually a lighter. And likely the numerous swords, meat cleavers, and switchblades.

Then there are the “fashion” accessories.

“Your clutches and your purses, that actually double as brass knuckles, I guess that’s a little shocking to see on x-ray. It was a little shocking for the person who had no idea this wouldn’t be allowed on the aircraft,” said TSA agent Chris Evans.

The reality is many of the items can be taken to the passengers final destination, they just need to be checked in a bagged first, like a gigantic hammer that would make Thor proud.

“If you can put your 30 pound hammer under the plane, its going to make our job and security a lot easier,” said Evans.

For some passengers heading through checkpoints to destination unknown, bags are packed full of items coveted at their final stop.

“We see a lot of maple syrup, fluffernutter, we see a lot of northeast things that you can’t get in other parts of the country,” said Evans.

Flyers are now flocking to warmer climates, knowing what’s not allowed on the plane can speed up the process for everyone.

“This time of year, we are seeing a lot of bag checks on the sunscreens, aloes, and camping supplies,” said Evans.

Liquids may have to be chemically tested.

“We don’t know if this is ice pack liquid, or has it been replaced with an explosive,” said Evans.

That will take time.

Using a little while packing instead, will make traveling a little more painless.

“A ounce of preparation, put the stuff in your checked baggage, get it when you get through your destination and you will get through security no problem,” said Evans.