Shoreline Restaurant Keen on Keno Coming

BRANFORD, Conn (WTNH) — The Connecticut lottery is set to go live with 275 Keno monitors statewide.

Due to software testing, the start has been pushed back to sometime in the month of April.

In the first three years, expectations are that the new revenue produced will grow from 25 to 50 and the $70 million

Jackpots can be large and small, from over $100,000 to $2.50.

At Allegra’s in Branford, they are awaiting the launch.

TV monitors are wired directly to the Connecticut lottery, now it’s just a matter of getting the green light and going live.

“They have ’em in Massachusetts, they have ’em in Rhode Island, the have ’em in New York,” said Paul Allegra.

Joann Allegra compared the game to lottery and bingo rolled into one.

You can fill out a card with up to ten spots, wager up to $20 and choose numbers from 1 to 80.

The hope is that customers will stay to play, and in the process buy food and drinks.

It also means being prepared, a new game kicks off every four minutes from open until close.

“We have to be ready for it, we are excited, going to be excited to see what happens,” said Paul Allegra.

The tribal nations will each receive 12.5 percent of the gross revenues from sales of Keno.

For any lottery product, including Keno, retailers receive a 5 percent commission on every ticket sold and a 1 percent cashing commission.

In order to bring in Keno, lottery needed to be added, as well.

According to the owners, it’s been popular with patrons and even produced some significant winners.