Dispute Over West Haven Eminent Domain Offer

(WTNH / Josh Scheinblum)

WEST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — The New Haven Register is reporting a new dispute out of West Haven in the fight over eminent domain.

The New Haven Register reports that one of the buildings facing eminent domain in West Haven, S & S Mini Mart Citgo, is ready to accept an offer of two million dollars. However the developers of “The Haven,” the upscale outlet mall trying to move into the area, say that the offer is actually less than that — at one point eight million dollars.

West Haven city leaders say they’ve only heard the lower number. The owners of S & S Mini Mart Citgo maintain that the developers are allegedly “playing games” and not providing them with an offer in writing. As such, the developers counter — saying they tried to negotiate for more than a year.

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