New Haven man arrested Saturday accuses police of abuse

Jeffrey Thomas Agnew Jr (Photo: New Haven Police)

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — New Haven Police have arrested a man who allegedly resisted arrest and screamed at a liquor store clerk who would not sell him alcohol.

Officers responded to Beverage Boss on Whalley Avenue just after 9:30 Saturday night. Police say that 28-year-old Jeffery Thomas Agnew Jr., and an unidentified female walked into the store and the woman attempted to buy alcohol. She was unable to provide identification as proof of age so Agnew provided his ID instead. The clerk told Agnew he couldn’t do that and refused to sell either of them alcohol.

“My cousin had left her ID at home so she asked Jeff to go in and purchase for her,” said Tyeisha Hellamns, a friend of Agnew’s who claims to have seen the entire incident go down.

A security guard, Anthony Dauria, told police that he again explained that the clerk would be unable to sell them the alcohol. Agnew then allegedly began to scream at those in the store.

New Haven Police Officer David Hartman says Agnew refused to provide responding officers with his ID and continued to scream at the store employees after he was outside the establishment. Officers attempted to arrest Agnew and asked for him to place his hands behind his back, which he reportedly refused.

“They put me in handcuffs, literally about three seconds later I’m on the ground,” said Agnew. He claims police hit him with a club on his arm and head so hard he lost consciousness.

Agnew also allegedly lunged at an officer and fought with police as they attempted to arrest him. Police say he then complied with officers after the mention of a taser. Agnew was medically evaluated, released from the hospital, and was booked at police headquarters.

Agnew has been arrested eight times since 2009. He faces charges of disorderly conduct and interfering with police. He was released on bond on Sunday.

“Once the investigation begins hopefully they’ll get to the end of this,” said Agnew.

News 8 did some digging into Agnew’s past and found he will also be in court later this month for a sexual assault charge.