Four arrested in New Haven after scheduled two-woman street fight

Sergio Estrada and Ashley Colon (Photos provided by the New Haven Police Department)

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – New Haven police have arrested four people after a father tried to break up a street fight involving his daughter.

Police say just before six on Thursday, they got a call about a fight and a shot fired at Hallock Avenue and 3rd Street.  A crowd had gathered and they pointed out two men sitting in a car to police.  Police say Juan Colon, 41, of New Haven, obeyed officers and got out of the car. They say the passenger in the car, Sergio Estrada, 19, put up a struggle. Police say as they pulled him out of the car, he threw a gun on the ground.

Police say the story that followed was that Colon came to the corner because he heard that his daughter, Ashley Colon, 19, had scheduled a fight there with Shanel Carreto, 20. He apparently came to break up the fight. Police say at one point, Estrada fired the gun into the air. No one was seriously hurt. All four were arrested. Police say Estrada is a convicted felon and admitted gang member.  He is facing a list of charges, including gun charges.

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