Navy sailors letters discovered in Seymour attic

SEYMOUR, Conn. (WTNH) — “The flashlight reflected on the gold Navy seal,” Christopher Funk described his climb into the attic a few weeks ago.

“Then I opened up the box and found all the other stuff,” said Funk.

Letters, documents, pictures all discovered tucked away in a box.

“I guess they give to the parents that he was accepted into the Navy,” said Funk.

It was a Navy sailor’s story.

Seaman Raymond Harrigan entered the Navy in 1958, according to his orders.

A plaque was saved showing time served aboard the USS Hunley.

Also, sitting on top of the pile were letters from Harrigan, sent back home to Connecticut describing his time at sea.

“I’m up on deck now, the first time today, the water is an ink blue, it’s grassy green where it’s broken up by the screws,” said Harrigan in letter sent in 1958.

World War II and the Korean War had ended, Vietnam hadn’t begun.

“Out here the air is clear and everything just seems to stop and think about the things that have happened,” Harrigan said in another letter.

Family pictures were also found, included an acceptance letter to a choir school.

Funk went to the town hall and reached out to the Navy, all in an attempt to find the Harrigan family.

“I couldn’t find anything,” he said.

With family members in the service himself, Funk knows the importance of preserving family history.

He’s hoping to find them and give it all back.

“I think it was important to this family,” said Funk.