Elm City tech company connects problems with solutions

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — “See” A cross walk light not working at an intersection. “Click” On the App “See Click Fix” to alert the town or city. “Fix” A crew is dispatched to take care of the issue.

For New Haven tech company “SeeClickFix,” crowd-sourcing is used to gather information on problems or issues.

“SeeClickFix works anywhere in the world. A resident can pull out their smartphone or use the web to publicly document something that’s broken or needs to be improved in the public space,” said founder Ben Berkowitz.

From pot holes, to parking violations, and everything in between.

“Illegal dumping is the number one thing reported on the site,” said Berkowitz.

SeeClickFix also helps track issues in emergencies.

“During storms, the platform becomes incredibly active usually in the hours right after when folks are starting to triage damage,” said Berkowitz.

The app has been downloaded thousands of times.

The company has clients all across the United States and international relationships, as well.

Cities, towns, counties, and municipalities all across the nation pay SeeClickFix a few to help them gather and resolve issues.

More and more are signing on.

“There is about 20,000 municipalities in the U.S. we also have some international partners, It’s a big opportunity for us,” said Berkowitz.

It all started with a problem found Ben Berkowitz had.

“I saw graffiti on my neighbors building and we didn’t see a way that residents could constructively communicate with city hall,” said Berkowitz.

At first, the company has just a handful of employees, now it’s grown to forty.

A New Haven company, in a city that is gaining a greater reputation as tech savvy.

“I think what we are seeing is that the city is really becoming a hub for innovation, said Berkowitz.

When it comes to the problems of losing millennials in the Elm city and across the state, the problem seems to be solving itself.