New Haven Police arrest man with stolen items in Westville

Arrest photo of Tyrone Dejune Spyke. (Photo: New Haven Police)

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Police arrested a man early this morning in the Westville section of New Haven with numerous amounts of stolen items on his possession.

At 2:30 AM, officers went to Philip Street after an anonymous caller reported a prowler. The suspicious man was said to have been darting back and forth between parked vehicles, was carrying a back-pack and had something in his hand.

As officers pulled up, they spotted Tyrone Spyke walking toward them from the driveway at 41 Philip Street, dressed as the caller had described. Spyke was carrying an X-Box 360 console and told the officers it was given to him by his cousin Dawn, who’s house he was just coming from at the time police approached him.

Through investigation, police were able to determine that there was no cousin Dawn, the X-Box had just been stolen from a car in the driveway and the backpack he was carrying was filled with other stolen material from the area. When the officers emptied the backpack they found a smart-watch, a wrist watch, a Studio G cell phone, an iPhone and a Nitro computer tablet.

When Spyke reached into his pocket to retrieve his ID, he inadvertently pulled out credit cards that didn’t belong to him, police said. He claimed to have found them on Whalley Ave. The officers took them and ran the names. While waiting for the results, police noticed an iPod peeking out from his hoodie pocket. Police took possession of the iPod and seated Spyke in a patrol car.

The officers were able to connect some of the stolen items to one of their owners.

Tyrone Dejune Spyke of New Haven, was arrested and charged with larceny and trespassing.

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