Hurricane season means vigilance in New Haven Emergency Op. Center

(WTNH / Josh Scheinblum)

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — At the New Haven Emergency Operations Center, new technology allows the team to stay ahead of the latest storms.

“We’ve been very fortunate but we are at the peak of the season,” said Rick Fontana, Deputy Director of Emergency Operations New Haven.

After Superstorm Sandy, new maps were made to push evacuation zones back.

Flood maps show that a category three storm could produce flooding as deep inland into New Haven at the WTNH State Street studios.

“These are areas that are not used to seeing water, we’ve been lucky,” said Fontana.

Vigilance within the operations center ahead of the storm, to allow residents time to prepare and evacuate.

“People typically do not want to leave,” said Fontana.

If you wait until the storms arrive, it will be too late.

“If an emergency official says you need to leave because of storm, the best thing you can do is leave,” said Fontana.

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