QU students move into senior living facility for school year

WALLINGFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Step inside the room of Quinnipiac University senior Victoria Kozar, and it looks mostly normal.

Kozar is studying health sciences, her senior year is taking on a whole new meaning.

You wouldn’t think college students would be handing out with 70s, 80 year olds?

“There is a lot of people here in their 90s as well,” said Kozar.

She and fellow student Joe Huberman of QU are giving up a year of campus living, for nights full of 40’s trivia and pokeno.

They are living inside the Masonicare assisted senior living community in Wallingford for the entire school year of two semesters, about nine months.

“They were all very welcoming, it was very special,” said Huberman.

An opportunity to learn about the living dynamic for seniors who have moved on to assisted, independent, or memory care communities.

“It’s all about that inter-generational experience for me – there’s a lot of stigmas older people toward younger -and younger toward older,” said Huberman.

The program allows younger and older to live side by side.

And through it creating some special friendships.

“I’m 92- but I think young and I enjoy being with young people,” said Rosemary Carver.

At one time, Carver worked in education, and sees value in gaining life experience by spending time with those who have plenty of it.

“We are still interested in life, we can’t do what we used to, I know I am still interested in many, many things,” said Carver.

Maybe, teaching everyone involved age, after all is just a number.

“You’re never too old to learn,” said Carver.

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