Campus police investigating Central Connecticut State University sexual assault


NEW BRITAIN, Conn. (WTNH) — Students are talking about it, reading about it on Facebook, a reported sexual assault on the campus at Central Connecticut State University.

Alana Andrews is a Freshman.

“There are like a lot of cops there, and I was like, what happened? And she was like there was a sexual assault over the weekend,” said Andrews.

Because it is an ongoing investigation, few details are being released at this time, but CCSU released a statement saying:

“The student who reported the incident was provided with support and information from CCSU staff, including CCSU’s Victim’s Advocate. CCSU Police determined that the alleged assault was an isolated incident and not a threat to the campus community.”

Sophomore Jack Palauskas says he would like more details and was surprised students weren’t emailed about the incident.

“It should be something that was released, maybe they can’t release the names and what have you to protect the privacy especially of the victim,” said Palauskas.

We talked to the communications department about why an email didn’t go out to the students and they say that is up to the police department to release that.

There are several different factors that go into the decision on whether to release a report on the incident. They say first, it was an isolated incident and that there was no threat to the campuses, meaning that person has been removed from the equation. They say right now they don’t want to talk about it, because the more information they release, might identity of the victim.

Different women’s groups on campus say every time there is a reported sexual assault, it brings the issue front and center and creates positive discussions.

Lisa Massicotte is a junior majoring in journalism, and she did a campus news report on sexual assault and says the victims advocate is studying it.

“University-wide survey asking all the students about their experiences with sexual assault and their knowledge of sexual assault, and I think that’s really cool and it’s supposed to be published in the beginning of the semester,” said Massicotte.

As of now, the investigation is ongoing.