New Haven police search for shooter in Newhallville homicide

(WTNH/Brian Spyros)
(WTNH/Brian Spyros)

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Shahara tells News 8 she tried desperately to save her neighbor, 31-year-old Levern Bellamy after he was shot in the backyard of 38 Dorman street in Newhallville just before 10:00 Wednesday night.

Shahara lives on the first floor. She was walking with her son just one block away on Bassett Street when they heard gunfire.

“It was just one. He said I heard a gunshot. I heard a cap. that was it a cap like POP,” she said.

Shahara says when she went back to the house, Bellamy was on the ground in the yard. She called 911 and administered CPR.

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“I compressed and I checked his artery I could feel his pulse slowing down,” said Shahara.

Throughout the night, police collected evidence from the crime scene. Bellamy was taken to Yale-New Haven hospital where he was pronounced dead. Neighbors said they heard the shot but they didn’t see the shooter.

“It sounded like an explosive boom. One boom and that was it,” Pamela Worthy said.

“Why didn’t anybody say something. Why didn’t anybody see something. We’ve got block watch on this street and nobody seen or heard nothing,” said Shahara.

Neighbors tell News 8 Bellamy was a family man and loved his kids.

“He was a really nice guy. He didn’t do nothing to nobody. If you asked him for a dollar he would give you five. That’s the kind of person he was and he loved his kids,” Shahara added.

Worthy has lived in Newhallville for 16 years and says the crime is getting worse. She says the sound of gun shots can be heard daily.

“I’m tired of seeing lit candles, teddy bears tied to walls. I’m tired of seeing pictures of people. I wanna see some justice,” said Worthy.