iPhone Theft Ring Busted with Connecticut Arrests

From left;Ramone Travis Sooman, Andre Donovan Duffus David Richard Bagot. (Photos: West Hartford Police)

WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – West Hartford Detectives busted an iPhone Theft Ring catching the crooks in action.

Investigators say Hartford UPS Driver David Bagot, Ramone Sooman of West Hartford, and Andre Duffus of Florida were part of an identity theft scheme to order iPhones using other people’s addesses and personal information. When the new iPhone was to be delivered to that home, detectives say they’d swipe the iPhone right off the porch.

West Hartford Police say the ring operated using a UPS driver. When the UPS driver would drop off the new phone, fellow crooks would then steal the package. Detectives watched two addresses where the delivery of an iPhone was expected. They saw that trio of guys, pull off the crime, and they were arrested on the spot.

Police say they’ve stolen more than 200 phones worth more than $177,000. Police are still trying to track down the people who may have been victims of identity theft.