Connecticut’s “Save the Children” efforts Haitian Hurricane relief

FAIRFIELD, Conn. (WTNH) — There’s no sign of a storm in Fairfield, but crews with Save the Children are preparing for one all the same.

“The team here has actually been organizing ourselves for the last couple of days,” said Carolyn Miles, CEO and President of Save the Children.

A team is now on the ground, the organization has been involved with Haiti relief efforts for decades.

“This will be a tough storm for people there, because the infrastructure is pretty basic. The capital is in kind of a bowl, so a lot of people live on the hillside surrounding the capital which is why we are so worried about all the rain,” said Miles.

Number one priority is makes sure children are protected. Often times during disasters, they are the most effected.

“The first thing that they will do is make sure that families, especially families with children have the basics… do they have food, water, are they safe,” said Miles.

It may also involve saving lives, and with the power of Hurricane Matthew, it’s likely.

Save the Children has experience, assistance in disaster relief all across the globe, including the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010.

“During the earthquake for example, we had many thousands of children who were hurt and had crushed limbs and had all sorts of horrible injuries – one of the things save the children did was get them to the hospital,” said Miles.

In Fairfield, communication will be kept up.

If more help is needed, the staff will find out how.

“Do we need more folks on the ground that are going to deliver services, for kids in child safety spaces, what do we need and then we get a group of people on a plane and they are on their way,” said Miles.

To donate to Save the Children for the relief effort happening for Hurricane Matthew in Haiti, click here.