Turn Your House into a Home with Lighting

NORWALK, Conn. (WTNH) — Want to take your home to the next level? Sometimes all it takes is a little lighting.

“It’s often forgotten about until last minute but it can actually make or break a design,” explained Nina Bender, of Bender Lighting in Norwalk.

She has a few tips on incorporating light into your space, starting with the bathroom.

“You need to love your bathroom,” Nina said. “It’s the first place you go in the morning and last place you go at night.”

Are you someone who gets ready every morning in the bathroom mirror? If so, Nina says think twice about how you aim those sconces.

“If you have the light facing down on you, you’re creating a shadow on the bottom half of your face,” Nina explained. “If instead you aim those sconces upwards towards a white ceiling, you’re doubling the amount of light that a lightbulb could produce on its own, and you’re dissipating it throughout the room.”

And when it comes to your bathroom, Nina says don’t be afraid to get creative.

“All around the showroom are light fixtures that people might think, ‘Oh I’d put that over my dining room table.’” Nina said. “Why not put it in your bathroom?”

The next rooms where lighting matters the most is your kitchen and dining room. If your home is open concept, use lighting to tie those rooms together.

“What separates the dining room and the kitchen room a lot of times is a peninsula or an island,” Nina said. “We recommend putting some pendants over that and then picking a chandelier or really interesting fixture that matches to go over the dining room table.”

Now it’s time to head outdoors.

“Exterior lighting has so much value,” Nina said.

Lighting can be used as added security, to highlight landscape features, or just light the way.

“My favorite feature of exterior lighting is extending the season,” Nina said. “It’s beautiful out in the evening but it gets dark early, so we offer some great tiki torches.

When it comes to outdoor lighting, Nina says gas is making a comeback.

“You create a sort of essence of warmth and quaint comfort in your backyard by having a gas lamp you can turn on with a remote control,” Nina explained.

Whether it’s your bathroom, your kitchen and dining room, or your backyard, lighting can make all the difference, so stop by Bender Lighting in Norwalk today. For more information, visit BenderPlumbing.com.