Clinton company continues to climb in cooking market

CLINTON, Conn. (WTNH) — In just a few years, Kenyon in Clinton has doubled their sales, shipping units worldwide.

“So we make cooktops and grills, between the two it’s about 600 units a week,” said Mike Williams.

They are all electric. Just plug in and get cooking.

“Gas, charcoal, there is no chance of fire or smoke,” said Williams.

By hiding the heat source, there is no flare ups and ultimately no smoke or flames.

The company got its start by producing safe ways to cook on board boats.

“We’ve hidden the heat source underneath, so the drippings just go onto the tin foil, which can be thrown out afterward,” said Williams.

It’s a concept that has caught on.

“We’ve been getting companies like Amazon and Wayfair to start offering our products,” said Williams.

It’s meant Kenyon has added more employees, even expanding into another warehouse.

“We’ve tripled our engineering staff, doubled our production staff, we are hiring more people in office positions,” said Williams.

With it came a decision many Connecticut companies are facing, to stay in Connecticut or move the operation out of state.

“A few years back we actually considered moving out of the state, through consideration and long-term planning, I think we made the right decision to stay here,” said Williams.

Maintaining a made in Connecticut brand.

Something Williams believes resonates with Connecticut consumers.

“Buying things that are made in the U.S., or even Connecticut, goes a long way for keeping jobs here and being able to put food on the table for a lot of people,” said Williams.