All-girl engineer team participates in Sikorsky Competition

Lauralton Hall campus in Milford (Photo: Facebook/Lauralton Hall)

CHESTER, Conn. (WTNH) — The Lauralton Hall Engineering Team will be competing in a year-long Sikorsky STEM challenge.

The Sikorsky Stem challenge will kick off it’s year-long competition by announcing the winner of the first challenge on Friday.

Among 9 Connecticut schools, Lauralon Hall’s all-girl engineering team will be participating in the competition.

As a college prep school, Lauralton Hall is committed to encouraging young women to pursue careers in the STEM field.

Students will submit videos throughout the year of each completed project. In the final challenge, students will be asked to demonstrate a test of a fly by wire control system for a board of experts at Sikorsky.

The competition will give the students a feel for what it’s like to be an engineer. They can develop and employ modern skills as they face various challenges.

The first winner will be announced at the Chester Airport on 61 Winthrop Road on Friday.