West Haven PD search for suspects approaching children, shouting obscenities

- FILE - West Haven Police cruiser (WTNH / Noelle Gardner)

WEST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — West Haven police continue to search for two men in the South Street area who approached children in a gray pickup truck asking them if they want candy. The suspects also yelled obscene comments at people.

It happened to West Haven resident, Jim Dixon. He was startled when he had a brief encounter with the suspects.

“I was going right a Hillside and they drove by and just yelled at me,” said Dixon.

A West Haven mother who didn’t want to reveal her identity said, “It kind of freaked me out.”

Parents are concerned about what happened. Parents who have kids in the West Haven public school system pre-K through grade six received an automated message from the the West Haven school district. A mother told News 8 what the message said:

“There is a report from the West Haven Police Department saying there’s a gray pickup truck driving around the neighborhood screaming obscenities at children and one tried to lure a child with candy.”

Some residents are on edge.

“I think it will really scare young people or most people. I think it’s just a terrible thing,” said Allan Evans.

“That’s why my kids do have cell phones just because of those issues. But also never be by yourself. Always walk in a group. Always be with another friend,” said Lisa Liscio.

Parents said they are keeping a close eye on their kids and not taking any chances.

“It could be more you know what I mean you never know. So it’s just good to take precautions,” said a West Haven mother.