Hillary and Bill Clinton: From New Haven home to presidential love story

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)–“In fact could you imagine Bill and Hillary Clinton walking through that gate and holding hands,” said Colleen O’Connor.

Long before presidential inaugurations, years before Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas, his life intersected with then Hillary Rodham on the campus of Yale.

“Lots of important moments on this campus for that couple. Yes, they first met here when they were back in law school,” said O’Connor.

The story goes that the two met at the Yale law library.

“Hillary actually got up and walked across the room and said, I think, if you keep staring at me I’m going to keep staring at you. I’m Hillary Rodham, and that’s how they met,” said O’Connor.

O’Connor guides tour groups across the Elm City, pointing out the couple’s favorite spot.

The tour swings by first date spots, like the former Lincoln Theater and the Yale law library. It also highlights some of work that steered the couple’s careers in public service.

“On Church Street you’ll see the federal courthouse where Hillary actually helped work when they tried the eight black panthers here in New Haven,” said O’Connor.

Moments Bill Clinton referenced a few years ago in New Haven.

“It all started here,” said Clinton.

Two powerful careers, two lives that might have never intersected, if not for New Haven.

“It says a lot for New Haven.  It says a lot for Yale. It shows Yale can bring up great students, students that turn into great people,” said O’Connor.