Most of Connecticut now under a Drought Watch

NEW BRITAIN, Conn. (WTNH) — Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy announced midday Friday that six of the State’s eight counties have been elevated from a Drought Advisory to a Drought Watch.

Malloy is asking the public to voluntarily reduce their consumption of water by 15-percent. For most Connecticut residents, that means shorter showers, only running washing machines when they’re full, not watering lawns, and other conservation measures.

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A Drought Watch in Connecticut has never happened before, according to Governor Malloy. This Drought Watch impacts the following counties:

  • Litchfield
  • Fairfield
  • Hartford
  • New Haven
  • Tolland
  • Middlesex

Both Windham and New London counties will remain in a modified Drought Advisory. The State will remain under these advisories until reservoirs return to normal levels.

Malloy outlined just how large the rain shortfall has been in 2016.

Paired with historically warm temperatures, precipitation in Connecticut ranged from 60% to 73% of normal conditions between June and September.”

The Governor will also direct the State to review and implement areas where water usage among state government facilities can be reduced.

Additional information on Connecticut’s drought status is available online on the State of Connecticut website.