News 8 Candidate Profile – Richard Lion

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As part of our commitment to comprehensive campaign coverage, News 8 reached out to every candidate running for Congress or the U.S. Senate from Connecticut. We offered each of them a chance to post a profile on, and an opportunity to do a 5-minute interview with Ann Nyberg. The information below was provided to us by the candidate themselves.

Name: Richard Lion

Political Party: Libertarian

Age: 60

Education: Some College

Profession: Logistics Manager

Hometown: Gifford, Pennsylvania

Religion: None 

What is your plan to create more jobs in Connecticut?
Cut taxes and keep government out of the way of the free market.

How would you lower taxes?
Deep spending cuts is the only way. Over taxing anyone, including the rich, is immoral. Spending benefits whoever is the recipient of the spending. For example, building Rentschler Stadium for UCONN football benefited whoever got the contract to build the stadium. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, therefore, by law, I am a football fan. However, I would have opposed public money being used to build the stadium. If somebody wanted to spend their own money to build a stadium, that’s fine, but it is not the state’s job to fund such endeavors. I will only support spending that I deem to be proper and necessary. I will also work to simplify the tax code, for within the complexity hide the tax breaks for the few.

How would you improve race relations?
(No Response Given)

How would you better prepare our country to fight terrorism?
Dealing with isolated threats and violence such as rape, terrorism, home invasion, robbery, battery, and the like. The ruling class have several body guards following them around. This makes them safer. Common people can not afford to hire body guards. These people must be their own body guard. We need to encourage gun safety and use training, starting as young as kindergarten (not necessarily with guns). This will help people overcome their irrational fear of guns. People on a daily basie handle things more dangerous than guns. Gasoline for example. One gallon of gasoline has the explosive power of fourteen sticks of dynamite. We have no restrictions on buying gasoline. You can be any age, and you don’t need a background check. Gasoline fumes can be inhaled to get high. Gasoline is a bomb and a dangerous drug, but we let anybody buy all they want. Despite how dangerous gasoline is, we do not have an irrational fear of it.

What is your plan to deal with immigration?
Let the good people in, and try to keep the bad people out.

How would you deal with guns and gun owners’ rights?
Eliminate gun laws. Whether it is Columbine, Virginia Tech, Newtown or 9/11, we have our most horrendous murders in gun free zones. We have few or no murders at our nation’s many gun shows. It’s simple math: Zero guns equals many murders. Many guns equals near zero murders. Americans have the right to protect themselves from any threat, not just in their homes, but also on the streets. You don’t need a religion permit to practice religion. You don’t need a speech permit to speak. You should not be required to have a gun permit to hold and bear arms. The criminals don’t have gun permits, yet they carry guns.

Gun control supporters are puppets for the ruling class. The ruling class, A.K.A. the 1% control the most powerful politicians in the world. They profit from war, and keep us at war. They keep themselves surrounded with high powered guns because they know guns save lives. They want that safety for themselves. They support the drug war for corrupt profiteering and oppression of the masses. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and that is their quest. They use the media to misinform and scare you. They want you to support gun control. They want more power over you. Thousands of unarmed people at Occupy Wall Street, and the government sprayed them in the face with tear gas. That’s power to the state. A handful of armed people at the Bundy Ranch, and the government backed down. That’s power to the people. What law could have stopped the attack on Paris? There is none. Most of our gun violence is a result of the war on drugs, a product of the 1%. You live on a dangers planet. If danger finds you, you may have to fight for your life. Guns save lives. You better hope you have one to save your life, or another’s life. The media is trying, and with some people succeeding, to brainwash you into having an irrational fear of guns. Guns are not as dangerous as the media propagates. Heed Benjamin Franklin’s warning about giving up liberty for security. We are giving up your liberty to protect our self. I support gun rights for the people, not gun control for the ruling class.

How would you improve gender inequality?
I don’t support gender inequality, I support gender equality.

How would you address the current system of campaign financing?
I would end the public funding as it is welfare for politicians.

How would you address environmental issues?
I will never support corporate welfare for nuclear energy or oil.

Why should voters cast their ballot for you on November 8th?
Go to and read all fourteen issues.