Country music carries tune across Connecticut

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Radio personality Cory Myers of Country 92.5 says if there is a genre of music that especially captures the human experience, it’s country.

“Don’t give me all that I lost my dog, I lost my house, lost my truck. It’s about love, it’s about heartbreak. It’s about life,” said Myers.

A snapshot of life’s experiences.

“The lyrics tell a story. They tell your story, they tell my story. They tell everybody’s story,” said Myers.

The story of Connecticut country music artists Presley and Taylor is an inspirational one.

The sisters from Middlefield are seeing success on the country music charts.

Growing up in Connecticut, they say the state is full of country music fans.

“Country music is alive in Connecticut,” said Taylor.

Now, the Nutmeg state natives get to brush shoulders with some of Nashville’s biggest stars.

All on stage for the Country Music Awards.

“It’s just incredible to see so many amazing artists sharing one stage, all coming together,” said Presley.

Maybe soon, the duo will be performing on the CMA stage themselves.

“You know we are doing this together and with our family, we are just so excited about what the future holds for us. The sky’s the limit,” said Presley.

Adding yet another lyric, to these Connecticut’s sister’s life story.