Waterbury daycare to close after worker’s arrest

Adnelly Moipard (Photo: Waterbury Police)

WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — The Waterbury daycare where a worker allegedly broke a 3-year-old’s arm will close effective immediately, News 8 has learned.

Kid’s Town voluntarily surrendered it’s daycare license, according to a spokesperson with the Connecticut office of Early Childhood. The business can re-apply for its license at a later time.

It had parents scrambling for other childcare options.  They had just received notice today.

“The inconvenience that I’m going through, right now,” said Anna Baiz of Waterbury.  “I get a phone call that you can’t return on Monday. I have to re-ccenroll her in a new school.”

This comes after a daycare worker at Kid’s Town, Adnelly Moipard was recently arrested  on multiple charges including assault and risk of injury to a minor. Moipard is accused of breaking a child’s arm at the daycare center and police say the alleged incident was caught on surveillance video.  Moipard’s appeared in court on Tuesday.  Her bond was set at $100,000.

“So today the director, after 13 years and serving 200 families, decided to close the center, in light of recent events,” said Nick Bova, the Program Administrator of Kid’s Town Daycare and Pre-School.

Court documents obtained by news 8 detail what happened inside Kid’s Town two weeks ago.  The arrest warrant states that the child’s mother noticed her child’s arm
“hanging strangely by her side when she picked her up..”

In the arrest warrant, Waterbury police allege that daycare surveillance video showed Moipard grabbed the child’s right wrist, the child “drops to her knees and then Adnelly pulls her up off the floor by her right arm and drags her over to a chair.”

This after teachers claim the child kicked a teacher, shook a book case and threw books around the room and at other children.

We tried to talk to the child’s mother today but an attorney answered the door and said he had no comment.

The incident had parents asking questions and taking action even before they learned the daycare was closing.

“I’m removing my kids I don’t want my kids here no more,” said Johnny Rosario of Waterbury.

Baiz was willing to keep her child at Kid’s Town.  Her child had different teachers.

“I felt with her teachers and her classroom she is safe,” said Baiz.

But faced with Kid’s Town closing, she walked out with a letter and some relief.  The school has promised to help parents find a new place to enroll their children.

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Over 150 children and their families were affected by the closure of Kid’s Town.  Waterbury’s public schools is working with Kid’s Town.  Most of the infant, toddler and pre-school have been placed in other daycares.  Waterbury public schools and other agencies such as tthe YMCA are working on placing the school age children who came to Kid’s Town for extended daycare.

The state has a tool to help parents looking for childcare in their area. For more information, click here.  Kid’s Town parent’s who need help placing their children can call the Office of Early Education in Waterbury at (203) 573-6684.