Democratic & Republican volunteers get out the vote

(WTNH) — Candidates and volunteers in Connecticut are making the most of the final days before the election. Saturday was a busy day for the Connecticut Democratic and Republican Parties. Volunteers have noticed more interest and excitement this year – both from voters and from people looking to volunteer.

Republican volunteers made phone calls and knocked on doors. Tom Scott, a volunteer helping with Republican State Senator Candidate Len Suzio’s campaign, has an app to help him find voters when he knocks on doors. He left information when no one answered; and when someone did, he had a conversation.

“Our challenge right now is convincing voters that the Office of State Senator matters,” Scott said.

Volunteers across the state went door to door, and Scott says more than 100 showed up in Cheshire Saturday to support Suzio’s campaign.

“There really is a sense of urgency out there,” Scott said. “We had Democrats. We had Independents. We had Republicans.”

Meanwhile, volunteers supporting Democratic candidates were also hard at work Saturday. Volunteers spent the day making phone calls at Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro’s campaign headquarters in New Haven. They are making thousands of calls per day. Lisa Bassani was one of hundreds of volunteers there trying to get out the vote.

“You can sort of see that energy come out when you have a good phone call and you get off the phone and you feel like yeah!” said Bassani. “We’ve seen that all day.”

Volunteers asked voters to support each Democratic candidate on the ticket. They weren’t just calling people in Connecticut to try to get them to the polls, however. They reached out to voters in swing states, asking them to vote for Hillary Clinton.

“I care very deeply. I have two young daughters and I just want to be sure that they experience a female president in our lifetime,” said Bassani.

Democratic and Republican volunteers expect to be back at it again on Sunday. That means more knocking on doors and more phone calls.