Volunteers urge voters to head to the polls

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — It is crunch time for volunteers trying to mobilize Connecticut voters. Volunteers at both the Democratic and Republican Party headquarters are making a last minute push to get voters to cast their ballots. Some candidates were going door to door to reach voters, but most volunteers spent Monday evening making phone calls.

Odette Olmeda has been volunteering at the Connecticut Republican Party headquarters for the past few weeks. She’s been making phone calls and reaching out to voters to make sure they head to the polls on Election Day. She can make more than 60 calls in just a couple of hours.

“It’s time to vote. We have to get the people that may be…thinking about it or maybe a little lackadaisical about it,” said Olmeda.

The call center at the Connecticut Republican Party headquarters will be busy on Tuesday. Volunteers won’t stop until the polls are closed. There are more than a dozen other call centers like it around the state. Olmeda says nearly all the voters she’s talked with are planning on voting.

“Elderly people, young people, they’re so fired up and they’re so excited about the whole process,” she said.

Meanwhile, volunteers at the Democratic Party headquarters were also busy on Monday night. They held a get out the vote phone bank kickoff. Voters have reached out to them as well.

“We’re really encouraged by the responses that we’ve been getting,” said volunteer Elizabeth Speyer. “We’ve gotten more calls than I could field from people who are just excited.”

Their goal is to have made a million phone calls by Tuesday night. They believe they’ll reach it. Many of the callers working the phones Monday night planned to return on Tuesday.

“We’ll be on the phones until 9 o’clock at night making sure that people know where their polling places are, getting them out, answering any questions,” said Speyer.