SUV crashes into East Haven home after crime spree along shoreline, suspects on the run

A stolen SUV crashed into a home on Dodge Avenue in East Haven (WTNH / Joe D'Addesse)

EAST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — A sudden wake up call Friday morning in East Haven after a gray Jeep came crashing into a family’s home along Dodge Avenue.

“I was sleeping, sound asleep and I hear this loud crash and bricks falling,” said the homeowner, who ask we not identify him. He says when he went outside he saw what happened.

“I mean total confusion. I went to the car to see if anyone was in there. I mean this was like two minutes literally after I heard the sound,” he said.

The crash completely destroyed the home’s front porch and badly damaged the foundation as well.

What happened at the Dodge Avenue home goes back to earlier this week. Police say the gray Jeep was stolen in Hamden on Tuesday. Last night at least 3 people drove the SUV down to Clinton where they stole two other cars. All three cars then traveled to Old Saybrook where the suspects tried to break into another car. That’s when the alarm went off. A neighbor noticed something was going on and called police.

“After those three suspect vehicles fled Old Saybrook onto I-95 southbound troopers did locate those vehicles and attempt to stop them,” said Trooper Kelly Grant with the Connecticut State Police. “It was a Toyota, Mercury and Jeep. However, the three vehicles refused to stop.”

All three vehicles got off the highway in Branford. One of the cars then crashed into the parking lot of a Dunkin Donuts on Leetes Island Road. The two other vehicles ended up in East Haven. State Police then called off the pursuit because of the high rate of speed.

“You know you have to make the decision at some point it is too dangerous. Troopers decided it would be too dangerous,” said Trooper Grant.

One car was able to get away. The other ended up crashing into the house on Dodge Avenue. Police looking for the people responsible. Right now, there is little to go on. Police asking anyone with any information to please call them.

“I think that’s awful, terrible,” said the homeowner. “It’s just a bad situation.”