Locals react after swastika found in Branford

BRANFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — A swastika, painted in red, was found on the side of a bridge on Hosley Avenue Tuesday.

“I think it’s horrible. I can’t believe it,” Lucy Pirrone said.

Some locals think the presidential election prompted more hate crimes.

“I think it’s kind of disgusting. I don’t think these racists acts are ever going to stop,” said Lashaunda Lesane.

“Post-election, they’ve definitely been popping up more and more and I definitely think it’s a reaction to Donald Trump being elected. I think people need to relax and let the man do his job,” said Vincent Guglietti.

There have been daily protests around the country since Donald Trump won the election.

“Unfortunately we will probably see the continuation of this as long as the feelings that exist in this country whether it’s due to results of the election or whatever else it might be in their minds continuing,” Al Russell added.

When the President-Elect was asked about the acts of violence popping up he told protesters to stop. Many people across the country are not satisfied with the outcome of the election. Some locals say it’s upsetting.

“It’s unfortunate because from East Haven, Branford area you see those all over the place unfortunately and it’s not something you want to see,” Guglietti told News 8.

Some say the graffiti has nothing to do with politics.

“I think it’s always been like this and people are just now paying attention,” Lesane added.
swastika1 Locals react after swastika found in Branford swastika Locals react after swastika found in Branford