In deciding whether to pursue drivers, police departments keep policies


EAST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — The Connecticut State Police and New Haven State’s Attorney Office is investigating a Sunday evening crash that killed a four-year-old.

State Police were asked to investigate the crash because East Haven Police were pursuing the stolen Toyota shortly before the wreck.

Like every Connecticut police department, East Haven Police has a policy dictating when they are willing to pursue a car that does not stop when officers try to pull them over.

East Haven’s policy says “no officer shall initiate a vehicular pursuit that requires the officer to exceed the posted or applicable speed limit or that involves a target vehicle operating in violation of the posted or applicable speed limit or other traffic laws.”

Two exceptions exist: If the driver poses a risk or if that driver is on their way to commit a felony.

According to surveillance video released of Sunday night’s accident, police were on the scene of the accident within ten seconds.

State Police Trooper Kelly Grant said the decision comes down to:

“You constantly have to consider what is around you,” said Grant. “The speed of the vehicle, what crime was committed and make a determination based on that whether or not to pursue.”