Police chase ends in I-95 crash in Milford, 1 suspect at large

MILFORD, Conn. (WTNH)– Milford police made arrests they believe could be part of a shoreline burglary operation.

“In the second half of November we’ve had upwards of twelve in Milford alone,” said Michael DeVito the Public Information Officer at the Milford Police Department.

Police arrested Kelvin Quintero and Noel Figueroa-Flores after a string of early morning burglaries near Beaverbrook Road and Naugatuck Avenue. Police said homeowner alerted police after seeing a suspicious van.

“They saw a van idling in the middle of the road and they were pretty certain there were two to three individuals. it looked like they were loading large items into the van,” said DeVito.

When police arrived the suspects sped off to I-95,a short police chase ensued.

“When they got up on the ramp they lost control of the van and ended up colliding with that particular police cruiser,” said DeVito.burglary Police chase ends in I 95 crash in Milford, 1 suspect at large

The suspects ran off but police were able to catch two of them. One suspect got away. Officer DeVito says similar burglaries are happening along the shoreline.

“They are going into the detached dwelling so sheds, garages,” said DeVito.

Police described what thieves are stealing from people.

“Power tools, backpack blowers, generators, snow blowers,” said DeVito.

He told News 8 the suspects are even stealing cars out of driveways using stolen cars as part of their operation.

“We recovered some cars in some of the areas of our shed burglaries meaning that they probably drove the stolen car to the area and then left it there and left in the van,” said DeVito.

Neighbors said on this block they look out for each other.

“You’ve gotta watch out and like they say make sure of your surroundings,” said one man who did not want to give his name.