Connecticut commuter rail fare increase begins


NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Connecticut riders are shelling out some extra cash to take commuter trains along the shoreline. The fare hike is taking some commuters by surprise. Jerry Sullivan said, “It’s just more money out of my pocket that I don’t have.” Riders like Sullivan will have to pay six percent more to ride Metro-North. The increase applies to the New Haven Line and Shore Line East. Many riders we spoke with aren’t too happy about the change. Sullivan added, “I knew there were some rumors that it was going to jump up but not so soon and not so much.” Some commuters are now paying as much as an extra $25.00 dollars a month for a monthly pass to ride the train.

Caroline Marrinn added, “Last month it was 467 not it’s jumped to $495.00. Wow.” Eamon Detoro said, “I’m going to Stamford so my ticket is like a hundred, a monthly pass is like 165.00 up from like $155.00.” Some people heading to New York from New Haven are taking a positive spin on the rate hike. Bruce Jones said, “If you have to drive and park your car there this a lot cheaper.” metronorth2 Connecticut commuter rail fare increase begins

The discount on the combined monthly rail ticket and unlimited-ride MetroCard is reduced from four percent to two percent. In addition to the fare increase, the current two percent discount has been eliminated on “mail and ride” tickets. The Connecticut DOT said the increase is necessary to maintain existing bus and rail services. Sullivan added, “It does take a lot of maintenance to maintain railroads so I understand but at the same time I shouldn’t have to pay it.” CT Transit bus riders will also see fare increases. The new bus fare prices will take effect this coming Sunday, December 4th.metronorth Connecticut commuter rail fare increase begins