Metro-North Police crack down on alcohol ban for ‘SantaCon’ weekend

A crowd of people in Santa Claus costumes gathers in front of a liquor store on Broadway in New York, Saturday, Dec. 13, 2003. The group was participating in Santacon, a "not-for-profit, nonpolitical, non-religious demented Santa Claus convention." (AP Photo/Tonia Cowan)

NEW YORK, New York. (WTNH) — Metro-North Police are cracking down on their alcohol ban during the SantaCon event starting Saturday.

Metro-North announced on Wednesday that they were going to temporarily ban alcohol on their trains and at the stations during this year’s SantaCon.

The yearly traditions has its participants dressing up in holiday costumes and embarking on a day-long drinking adventure.


Security check ids of Revelers dressed in holiday theme costumes as they enter a club during SantaCon in New York Saturday, Dec. 12, 2015, in New York. Tracing its origins to a prankish, anti-consumerist gathering in San Francisco in 1994, SantaCon has mushroomed into events in hundreds of cities. (AP Photo/Andres Kudacki)

Now the MTA police will have a higher presence throughout the weekend to stop that adventure at the platform. Police want to make sure everyone has a safe travel experience.

The restriction will start Saturday December 10th at noon and would last until Sunday December 11th at noon.

MTA officers will be on duty at Penn Station, Grand Central Terminal and on Metro-North trains to enforce the rule. Anyone who brings alcohol on the trains could be fined arrested, or removed from the train.