New Haven residents, employees brave frigid weather

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — People out in New Haven braved the frigid weather on Thursday evening.

Some were out enjoying themselves, but others had work outside in the cold.

Lauren Elliott was out walking her dog, Romeo, on the New Haven Green. She has had him just over a week and she says he doesn’t mind the cold. However, Elliott wished it were a little bit warmer outside.

“I’m from Georgia so I avoid the cold as much as possible,” said Elliott. “If it weren’t for [Romeo] I’d probably be inside, warm.”

Meanwhile, Town Green’s Downtown Ambassadors are out even in the frigid weather greeting people and keeping the downtown area clean. They bundled up and they have some tricks that help them stay warm.

“I have flannel pants on underneath,” said Jeffrey Lee, Town Green Safety Supervisor. “I have a fleece jacket on and this jacket is lined with fleece.”

They also had places where they could warm up. The INFO New Haven Visitor Center has been offering free hot cider and popcorn during December for holiday shoppers and anyone else who wants a treat.

“We usually actually have the station outside so we decided to bring it inside today because obviously it’s way too cold for that,” said Lindsey Burke, Director of Marketing for Town Green District.

Being out in the cold wasn’t all bad for employees who had to spend long hours in it, however.

“Yesterday somebody gave me two dollars for a coffee for today,” said Sourou Abba, who was working in a New Haven parking garage.

Others just tried to make their time outside as brief as possible. They did the best they could to stay warm.

“My super warm coat is at the tailor, so this isn’t even the best one I have,” said Elliott. “But I’m having to use this one until I can get that one back.”

People who work outside are preparing for another very cold day again on Friday.