News 8’s Top-8 stories of 2016

Notre-Dame of West Haven's Doug Caliendo scores a game-winning goal just hours after losing his father (WTNH / John Pierson)

(WTNH) — Of all of the stories posted to everyday, these are the stories that got the most reads, discussion, and comments in 2016.

The list of the Top-8 most read stories on this year contains a varied group of subjects. Some stories have a positive message or resolution. Others brought the harsh realities of modern society right to the front page, and a few transformed what was an ordinary day into something extraordinary.

Here are the Top-8 most read stories on this year (in no particular order):

Student says ‘ISIS’ in Pledge, gets pulled from high school
This story fired up News 8 viewers on both sides of the argument. Was it just an expression of free speech, or was it something more?

9 arrested in Hartford in connection with kidnapping, human trafficking of teen
What began as drug-related arrests revealed something much worse.

Woman’s body was in Walmart parking lot for 3 months
If a store employee hadn’t noticed that the car hadn’t moved, it may have taken even longer to discover the body of a 22-year-old woman.

DOT to study ‘Mileage Tax’
With a $30 billion infrastructure plan in place, State leaders need to figure out how to pay for it, and taxing drivers for using Connecticut highways could soon be a reality.

New Haven Public Schools teacher arrested for alleged relationship with student
Every parent sends their child to school expecting an appropriate environment to learn in, but stories like this one seem to be occurring more often.

Suspects still at large after 13 people shot at Bridgeport house party
A very sad story of a house party that got out of control.

Injuries reported in multi-vehicle I-95 crash
Sadly, News 8 reports on serious crashes every day, but the photos and video of this particular crash, plus the timing of when it occurred, made it one of our most viewed stories of the year.

Notre Dame’s Doug Caliendo scores game-winning goal on day father passed away
Not only was this emotional story big on SportzEdge, it was also a top story on this year. It was an incredible moment that turned an ordinary high school hockey game into an unforgettable memory for a local family, team, and community.