Vernon man robs People’s Bank

Stephen Barstis (Photo: Vernon Police)

VERNON, Conn. (WNTH) —- According to Vernon Police, a man admitted to robbing a People’s Bank inside of a Stop and Shop supermarket.

On Friday, officers were able to arrest Stephen Earnest Barstis, 53, of Vernon for his connection to a People’s Bank robbery at a local Stop and Shop located on Pitkin Street.

Police executed and search and seizure warrant at Barstis’ home where they found cash, clothing, and other varrious items linking him to the robbery. Later in an interview, Barstis admitted to the crime.

He was charged with robbery and larceny and is being held on a $300,000 bond. Barstis is sceduled to appear at Rockville Superior Court today.

Due to Barstis’ suspected involvement in another December 8th robbery, detectives are continuing to investigate.

If you saw anything or have an questions, please feel free to contact the Vernon Police department at (860) 872-9126.