80 Buses from Connecticut en route to D.C for Women’s March

The United States Capitol Building, Washington D.C. (Photo: Shutterstock)

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Jacqueline Kozin and Jillian Gilchrest are set to join thousands from around the nations and the state of Connecticut.

“The election was hard, it was painful. To be among women and men that feel the same way. There is going to be power in that,” said Gilchrest.

It’s the Women’s March on Washington.

In Connecticut alone, 80 buses are headed to the nation’s capital.

“They are expecting at least 200,000 people, that’s just in DC, there are sister marches all throughout the country and throughout the world,” said Kozin.

The idea began hours after Donald Trump was elected President.

“The story goes it started with a woman in Hawaii – who actually posted lets march,” said Gilchrest.

The post quickly went viral.

A voice for many who felt disillusioned with the election results.

“It’s a coming together in action,” said Gilchrest.

“I think there is a lot of fear, people are nervous, they are scared but they are engaged. I think for the first time ever at least for me personally people are coming off the sidelines and saying ‘How can I get involved’,” said Kozin.

Nationally, organizers worked to bring the masses together this Saturday and send a message on the first day of Donald Trump’s term in office.

“It’s our way of coming together to say we are not going to stand for the way Muslim Americans were treated in this election, we are not going to stand for the way women were treated in this election,” said Gilchrest.

Taking a stance in solidarity as many face the four years ahead with anxious uncertainty.

“We’re here, we’re not going away, and we are going to work hard to get the rights we deserve and want,” said Gilchrest.