Pedestrians don’t feel safe near intersection where woman was hit and killed

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — New Haven police are still investigating a car crash that killed a woman from Waterbury on Tuesday. Police are using surveillance video to try to piece together what happened.

Melissa Tancredi was an EEG Technician at Yale-New Haven Hospital and the mother of two boys. She was also engaged to be married. She was standing on a sidewalk near the intersection of York Street and South Frontage Road. There are now flowers on the sidewalk near where she was killed.

Nursing student Alysha Kalinowski heard the crash and rushed to help. News 8 spoke with her exclusively.

“I ran over and I was the first person to her,” said Kalinowski. “I think it was a nurse that ran up behind me and checked her pulse and started CPR.”

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Police say the driver of the car was in the left turn lane but kept going straight. Witnesses say she didn’t hit the brakes until she was in the middle of the intersection.

People who regularly walk in the area say they don’t always feel safe.

“I definitely look very carefully whenever I cross the streets and I walk by here multiple times a day to go to work,” said Ian Mills of New Haven.

It is a busy intersection and the nearby sidewalks are often congested too. Many people say they make sure to keep an eye on the cars passing by, just in case.

“People have a tendency to run red lights a lot so we usually wait until a couple seconds after the red light turns on and then cross the street,” said Aykhan Bailey, a student at the Yale School of Public Health.

When Tancredi saw the car, it was too late. Kalinowski says the 29-year-old driver was screaming afterwards. Kalinowski was shaken by what she saw.

“[Tancredi] didn’t see it coming,” said Kalinowski. “She would never have thought that this was about to happen to her and it’s so tragic.”

The driver is cooperating with police. Police say it is too soon to know if she will face charges.

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