Conn. BBB: The “can you hear me?” scam spread like ‘wildfire’

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NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — It’s a number Dawn Sanders didn’t know, but she heard four words on the other end that she knew could be trouble.

“The next thing I know he says, “Can you hear me?” said Sanders. That’s why she immediately hung up the phone, knowing the scammer was looking for her to say yes.

She said it was not a recording and the incoming number came from Michigan. She knew of the “Can you hear me scam” also known as the “Yes” scam.

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“The ‘Yes’ is a voice signature and a voice signature is a legitimate tool for businesses,” said CT Better Business Bureau’s Howard Schwartz.

Schwartz says with your voice recorded saying “yes” thieves can use it to verify charges on your phone, credit card or utility bills. Schwartz says there are nearly 2,000 reports of this scam across the country.

“It started very quickly towards the end of January and spread like wildfire,” said Schwartz.

He says in one case, a person lost thousands of dollars. So far, there are about 30 reports of this scam in the state.

“I feel that people need to know about this, because it could effect an elderly person whose on limited income and they’re after their financials, this is important,” said Sanders.

Schwartz says they might be trying to get you to say yes or they might be trying to sell you a phony vacation or warranty. Either way, just hang up the phone like Sanders did or don’t pick up phone calls from any numbers you don’t recognize.