Synthetic Cinema International brings Movie Magic to Connecticut

ROCKY HILL, Conn. (WTNH) — From the Hollywood Hills to Rocky Hill.

Synthetic Cinema International is bringing movie magic to Connecticut.

From script, to set, to scene editing.

“We got into doing monster movies, after that we got into doing family movies and comedies and action films,” said Andrew Gernhard, a Producer at Synthetic Cinema International.

Beginning to end. The movies are made right in Connecticut. Norwich is just one of the many locations used for shooting scenes across the state.

“We can shoot in cities, we can shoot in lighthouses, on shores and in parks – We can make it look like its in Ireland if we have to. Connecticut is so versatile,” said Gernhard.

New England offers a unique look. Connecticut’s old factories are prime for filming.

“We brought some executives in from New York shooting a movie. These were executives from NBC, they were looking at Norwich and they were all like, this is like a backdrop. It’s like something you see in Universal studios, because the buildings in Norwich are so interesting,” said Gernhard.

Director, visual effects artist and Wesleyan graduate Colin Thayes was on a boat in Long Island sound for an action packed shark scene.

“So you can see the shark comes up from behind him,” said Thayes.

The team at Synthetic Cinema is even talented enough to put News 8’s Scott McDonnell in a movie.

“We overlayed it into the original footage where we blew up a car, tracked that background – give it a little bit of edge blur and wala,” said Hayes.

From big bangs and blowing up cars.

To more nuance projects, like post production for a Melissa Joan Hart movie.

“The text is like an homage to the original movie so we kind of put our own little spin on it. So we are growing the roots and having the leaves wipe everything off,” said Paul Melluzzo.

In theaters, online, The Lifetime Channel, Hallmark and more.

As new platforms emerge, the company looks to grow with industry.

“Similar to your job where it’s interviewing new people or new stories, we have the opportunity to try new things out. Whether we are doing a monster movie or we are doing a light hearted comedy.”

“We’re continuing to expand. We’re looking into going into episodic TV, looking into bigger feature films have even larger talents. Expanding at a good pace that works in this economy – in this changing platforms and for the company,” said Gernhard.