State Police remind residents of Move Over Law after accident on I-95

Courtesy: Connecticut State Police

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (WTNH) — Connecticut State Police are reminding Connecticut residents of the Move Over Law after a car crashed into a Department of Transportation truck in Bridgeport on Sunday morning.

On Sunday at approximately 10:48 a.m., a Connecticut Department of Transportation Freightliner Dump Truck was parked in the right shoulder of I-95 southbound just before the exit 29 off-ramp in Bridgeport. Officials say the truck had emergency lights and directional arrows on indicating an active construction zone. The CT DOT truck was working in a planned CT DOT construction zone with a crash trailer attached to it while it was parked in the right shoulder.

The operator of the CT DOT truck was in the driver’s seat when a 2016 Toyota 4Runner traveling on I-95 southbound in the right lane of the three-lane highway approached the CT DOT cone pattern and road work signs that alerted motorists to the construction zone ahead. As the 4Runner approached the construction zone, it drifted into the right shoulder and hit the CT DOT crash trailer and then the dump truck. Officials say there was heavy damage to all vehicles, but no injuries were reported.

Bridgeport Fire Department and EMS responded to the accident.

The right shoulder, right lane and center lane of I-95 southbound were closed for approximately one hour while troopers investigated and cleaned up the scene. The operator of the 4Runner was found to be at fault for the crash. The operator was charged with failure to obey the CT Move Over Law, distracted driving and following too closely. Police say the operator was also charged with operating with an out of state license while being a Connecticut resident.

Police are reminding residents of the Move Over Law. The Move Over Law says “any operator of a motor vehicle on a highway when approaching one or more stationary emergency vehicles located on the shoulder, lane or breakdown lane of such highway shall (1) immediately reduce speed to a reasonable level below the posted speed limit, and (2) if traveling in the lane adjacent to the shoulder, lane or breakdown lain containing such emergency vehicle, move such motor vehicle over one lane, unless such movement would be unreasonable or unsafe.”